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I absolutely adore everything about this game, especially the music! Is there anywhere I can find the music you used/made?

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Oh if only I could make music! I would be really dangerous.

All music used is from and  in-game is pretty much a huge chunk of the music tagged as 'Halloween' 8}

The intro music is randomized between 'Macaron Island' , 'Chubby Cat' & 'Miracle Park'

oh.. please tell me the song from the mystic stone circle, pleease! I searched for that sound all over the internet but i couldn't find it

Treasure Castle

Markiplier just played Chook & Sogig!!

Hahaha yiss! I just watched it, it was lovely!  I'm floored and flattered whenever someone plays 8}

It was a really lovely surprise  

I was telling Kirara earlier today that it'd be nice if other famous youtubers picked the game up from him. And the visitors boost is always good d:

I saw him play this and Jump Doper and I was like YASSSSS!

Saw this myself and now I want to go make a video for it myself. How wonderful this game looks <3

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Super adorable game with just the right touch of macabre! Adored Cow, he was such a cutie! Managed to find five of the endings, so that's pretty cool! Can't wait to play the other two games in the series to see how the world grows and develops~ ♡ ♡ ♡

Thank-you ever so much for the lovely words Lebobawitz! :D

This game was really cool, in terms of both story and art style :) I can't wait to find the other endings of the game! 

Thankyou Pecan! :D

I LOVED this game!! The music is perfect as well as the art and story. I am obsessed now.  Thank you for making this! I can't wait to play the others. :)


Hey Kit Cat! Thank you ever so much for the positive words and for the wonderful video,  really enjoyable to watch! :}

Thank you very much! I look forward to more adventures with these guys. :)

It was so cyuuuuute


Thankyou! :D

Ive played the "A case of Murder" and I loved it, you guys know this :D Like I said before, I love you're art style,humor and design.

I'm hoping I can get my hands on more "A case of murder" and This one so I can play the HOLE game on my channel, PLEASE <3

Hey Meliria! I'm so glad you had enjoyed it I'll keep on making some more Neighborhood games and continue to expand the world. <3

Heya Tooki, first of all I enjoyed ur game soooooo much!
I love the artwork, the chars and ur sense of humor :D I got all of the 6 Ending after I found out how to see the circus :)
Pls do me a faver and make a lot more of games like that :D I´m looking forward to it!
Btw. there will also a lets play on my youtube channel soon in german :)

Hello Miripan! loved watching the video these are always so helpful seeing how people play and react and very enjoyable to see. I'm so so glad you enjoyed playing it means a great deal <3

Heya Tooki, first of all I enjoyed ur game soooooo much!
I love the artwork, the chars and ur sense of humor :D I got all of the 6 Ending after I found out how to see the circus :)
Pls do me a faver and make a lot more of games like that :D I´m looking forward to it!
Btw. there will also a lets play on my youtube channel soon in german :)

This game was super cute! Though I have to admit, I didn't expect one of the endings to turn out the way it did hahaha. Creeped me out a bit. Good job making this, Tookipalooki! Looking forward to seeing more from you. <3

Hello Stella! Thank-you ever so much for playing and for the feedback, I'll keep working hard to make stronger things >:}

Hey Tooki! One of my friends asked me to play your game and I really enjoyed it! Here's the video:

It was great game and I hope I can get some followers of mine to play it. The only issue I saw was the repeated crashes I had when I exited the game (Although that might be me because my computer is acting up.) I noticed you had a demo out for another game and I plan to play that soon too. Thanks!

Hey Ranger! Thankyou ever so much for making a video they are so useful and very fun to watch! :D

I'm not sure what may be causing the crashes, I'll keep a close eye on it and see if something unusual crops up.

I adore this game. It's adorable and the art style is lovely. I just love how great the game looks but at the same time it's scary and funny. Great story, and if you were to make another game I'd be willing to pay.

Thankyou ever so much Gray for the very kind words, the demo for a second game can now be found Here

I love the game! It was so cute yet they never have a good ending. I'd definitely be interested if you were to make more of this! I did not expect that flashback from Chook though! Here I thought she was just a cute, sassy chicken xD

Thankyou so much candy! there is a good ending though its tucked away under all the terrible things they have to endure first to get there. 8}

Yay! The game was great, but what I loved more were the horrible fates Chook and Sosig meet every time despite their over-cartooniness. It's the contrast that really makes this great, in my opinion: cartoons in a horror world. If you're going to make any future games featuring the two (which I would play for sure!) I would love to see more content, just stuff. I don't care what it is, but either more 'routes' or just longer ones.

Anyways, criticism aside, great game! I'd also love to see Dark Sosig appearing if there's a sequel or anything like that.

Hey yellow circle thankyou so much :D I'm glad you enjoyed playing. I'll have something new with these two up in a few days :}

This was an adorable game, I'll be looking forward to more games like these in the future if you're planning to make em, :) Did a little read and play on it!

Cheers Verociel and thankyou so much for the great video to watch. I'll be definitely be making more games, It's very moreish >:}

I had so much fun with this, I can't wait to play more! Art style and audio choices are super adorable as well and only add to the slightly creepy vibe! Loved it!

Thankyou Fatal Snail, it was lovely to watch your video!


Such an adorable game - I could definitely see this being expanded upon. The characters are wonderful! Great job!

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Ah man thank-you so much for being so kind and for a lovely video!

It was great fun to make for learning how to make this sort of game and seeing people play is a huge huge surprise. I can certainly see some things which worked and what fell flat. This sort of video is a huge huge help in shaping the next adventure Chook and Sosig are forced to go on 8}

Thank-you again! <3


Hello! I loved your game, it was a joy to play as well as being really engaging and looking amazing. I couldn't find the sixth ending but I have a feeling I came close to it! Either way good luck with your future projects! I made a let's play of your game here~

Hey cheers Miss Blue!

One ending is really not very intuitive to gain I'm afraid and that is completely my fault. It involves changing the system time to be the next or previous month and the central location in the neighborhood will change to the hidden 4th location (In hindsight I should have made this change be triggered by a piece of conversation with the cows head). The *best* and true ending is by then going on to win that pub quiz.

Thankyou again for the kind words and for the video, it was a pleasure to watch! :D

Oh I see! Well don't be too hard on yourself, it makes the ending like a fun treasure hunt! But you're more than welcome for the kind words and thank you for liking the video! :D <3

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This game was adorable, thought provoking and most of all FUN!! Really enjoyed the experience, beginning to end. There are 6 possible endings to the game and I only got the high speed chase ending. If you guys want me to I would be more than happy trying to get them all. For a first game this is a home run!! MUST PLAY!!!

Eyy! :D

Cheers for the kind comments and for the video, these kinds of videos are truly helpful in seeing how others play and view the game. It's a massive help, thankyou so much!

no problem in the least! had a real blast with your game and hope to play some more of it! for a first game I am higly impressed! stay AWESOME always!!

I counted five endings - what's the sixth one?

I think I know which ones evading you, Try setting your system date so that its next month or last month, then going to the neighbourhood. ;}


Haha, thanks! I think that ending was the creepiest of them all.


Have found 4 endings so far! A+++ most ridiculous visual novel ever. (Also dragon stained glass looks EVEN BETTER THAN I IMAGINED yaaaaay.) (Yup it me, hi!)

'Nootybloops' is a good incognito persona for you, you are a top undercover agent. Also you are too kind to me :D

Well, you know, youtube was being so much of a butt it was just easier to get a brand new email... And if I make games eventually (hopefully!! but omg so many things I wanna do!) it'll be a good name for that, too. So yes. *sparkles!!*

(Also guess who forgot to check this particular email, just used it for logging into youtube. Guess. BUT HEY at least now I know there're Chook&Sosig let's plays! I will watch them when it's not 2am, yes. :D)

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