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that art is so great. and the game. that's the whole reason we're here.

Love it soooo much!!! its soo good! here is my Indonesian gameplay!

This game is so cute and hilarious! The art style is gorgeous and the endings are great. I'll definitely play your other games. This is my playthrough of it! If you enjoy please considering liking the video and subscribing :)
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*contains SPOILERS*

I'm so clueless about all 6 endings!! I have 

1) The Circus

2) Shadow Sosig

3) Sacrifice

4) Life of Crime

5) Very Best

6) ????? 

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amazeing game, wish there was more

oh wait their is more

OMG THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! Sorry I just had to yell that at the top of my lungs. I can't wait to play everything else!!


One of my lords asked me to play this and I couldn't be happier with the experience! Hope you enjoy the video.

cute!!!!! what dorks I love this I had lots of fun

had fun playing this, loved the characters and story. sorry for the poor audio quality in my video though.

I love your game so much and I can't wait until the next game comes out!

Also made a 2 in 1 video:

This game was so fun that when I was going to end the recording, I said screw it and kept going because I was enjoying it so much! I definitely plan to make this one a series because I adore it!

Ahaha, I like it


Oh my gosh~ The detail in this game! I love the small little easter eggs like if i make my name Sosig i get different dialog. and how the main menu changes if shadow soosig gets you. amazing game!

Been waiting till the spoopy Halloween season to play this series and it's just so cute, charming, and funny, I can't wait to play more adventures  of these two goofballs!

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Iv'e not played a visual novel this adorable before, being as most are on the side of satire. Chook and Sosig destroyed my expectations to be both light hearted and hilarious.  Definitely worth playing, and if you have the scratch like I do, pay for it. The developer has something special here that I hope he continues to perfect and solidify it. 

Well done keep it up. 


This game was so adorable! I had a lot of fun playing it and didn't even realize there were 6 endings, I only unlocked three! All in all, I had a lot of fun making up voices and mannerisms for the characters and felt it was very creative and always managed to surprise me each time I played! Thank you for creating such fun and interesting game! 

Hi!! Loved the game so much, it´s the most adorable thing ever!!<3<3

Hi Tooki!This game is great!I wonder what do you use to make this game!Please tell me!thx

hey! Tooki if you see this, do you know what the map music is called? I love it but I can't find it anywhere. if you respond that'd be greatly appreciated :D

Hey Amberella!

I'm fairly sure that this was the track used in that scene:

Thank you so much! 

Here's part 2 of my Chook & Sosig Let's Play!


Hey! I meant to play this a long time ago, I really missed these guys, although I'm still mispronouncing both of their names XD.  But those are the names I know and love them by haha.  Great game Tooki

This game was fun to play. I also made a vid of when I played it. I hope you keep making fun games like this!!

this game is amazing

Hello, i wanted to say that i love the game its  mysterious, funny and cute. i love the art in it especially the Cow head. he's cute. i wanted to know if you remember the name of the stone circle music that you used because i love how it sounds and would kill to listen to it more. Thank you! :3

Hello Ninetails! The Cow head thrives on all this attention is very pleased. 

The music used in the stone circle scene is this one: Children of Shadows

Thank you! Good luck if your going to make more games or something else! :D

That song sounds far from it. Are you sure it's not Treasure Castle?

I just learned there are more and I am playing all of them!

Hello Lineyatronic! I'm so happy to see you tackling them all 8D

i love this game i wish it was longer


Thankyou so much Flamebot! I hope to get more and more ambitious as I learn <3

Somehow missed this one having already played A Case of Murder, but great stuff again! The duo really are a great pair of characters and I enjoy anything they're in. Nice stuff.


Thank-you very much Mister! Glad you came back for more :D

Had a heckin' swell time playing this. Got most of the endings, and felt as though they were all worth getting. Loved the open-endedness of things, and theartsyle and music complimented themselves well.

Fantastic work, and I look forward to playing the next games in the series!

Heckin' pleased you had a swell time playing Sassjacket! Thankyou very much for taking the time to record :D

I had a chance to record and upload a playthrough of this game. Aside from some issues with getting it to say in Fullscreen mode, I enjoyed the game a lot! It was especially great getting to learn about the characters, and then being tested on the knowledge. Thank you for making this game, and I hope you enjoy my video! :) 

Oh dear I'm sorry about the issues you had with fullscreen, I'm so glad that you managed to enjoy it :D

Thankyou ever so much for taking the time to create a video!

This game was super fun and I can't wait to see the other alternate endings. Expect more videos!!!

Cheers Frosted Fricks! Lovely work on your thumbnail, I like your evil twin 8}

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This Game is so cute and cool!! I love it! This is part 1 to the many different Novels I am going to play! (Also yes I did not get every ending)

Thankyou ever so much for the lovely words & congratulations Omnii on getting all endings! 

Hi! This game is a really cool game I have a great time playing it! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!


Hello Doxuz! Thankyou so much making a video :D

Your welcome! I hope the best for your games! :D

Gan review dong game buatan saya . Asli game buatan anak bangsa , bantu memajukan game karya anak bangsa di kanca internasional. Pliss follow game saya dan berikan komentar ataupun rate untuk game saya . Makasih

Where do I begin? Well to start, it was fantastic. It was incredibly unique and well done. I can safely say that I haven't played many games like it. 

The characters are amazing, each one with their own unique personality and story. The story for each section was well written and fun, I enjoyed going through each area and meeting all the characters. I do believe I missed one area though. 

The art for the game is simply amazing, the character designs are wacky and awesome and the scenes are expertly drawn with an excellent attention to detail.

All in all the game was great fun, and I would highly recommend this game to anyone and everyone!

I recorded a short "let's play" of the game for my channel, I hope you don't mind.

Cheers and good luck from here on, I look forward to many more adventures with these two! 

Hello Famed Killjoy!  Thank-you ever so much for the very lovely and kind words they mean a great deal, I'm ever so glad you enjoyed it and I continue to work hard learning to grow and improve. Thank-you so so much for taking the time to make this video, they are always incredibly useful and valuable for seeing how people react and play (also it's wonderful to hear people laugh). These sorts of videos are invaluable feedback and do a great deal to help shape future work I make.

Have a beautiful day!

This game was super delightful to play and I look forward to playing the other games that have or will roll out! :D Video below of my experience, enjoy! 

Haha thankyou so much Stockhouse!

I played it, I loved it! (I didn't know about the circus thing at the time I finished this, Circus ending is going to be in another future video) 


Lovely Roxy!  I love the sparkles you added in the thumbnail, glitter makes everything fantastic. :)

Twisted at many times, but that's what I loved about it ^^ Definitely giving you a follow!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

Beautiful Dood! Thankyou ever so much for taking the time to record :D

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Well that was certainly a fun experience haha, loved getting those endings and loved playing the act.  If I see this on Gamejolt I will be happy to support it.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Cheers Fellowplayer! :D

Decided to go in order and see what the other stories were like, I was no disappointed :D

Thankyou Cynically! so glad you came back for more  <3

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