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Again another amazing game. I absolutely love the series/franchise!!

everyone already know this but this is a great game! I love the characters and the atmosphere and cant wait to play the other once. Keep it up! Also the puzzles are surprisingly hard but still fun, would want maybe a liiiiittle more hint on where to go though, or at least an option to hint !

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I had a great time playing the game!

The game doesn't work for me it says msvcr110.ddl was not found can you please help because most solutions don't work for me

I'm getting the same issue. Not sure what it's about.

I know these comments are both pretty old by now, but since this is still an issue, here's how I fixed it! (In case anyone else is still encountering the problem) I'm running Windows 10 fwiw

It's the Visual C++ 2012 files that are missing. Download both the x64 and x86 files from here:

After installing, open control panel, go to Uninstall a program, locate the files you just installed, right click, change, repair. (Thanks to Tookipalooki's suggestions further down!)

Might help get it running, good luck to anyone who tries this!

another great game. cant wait to see what's next. 

I love your game so much and I can't wait until the next game comes out!

Also made a 2 in 1 video:

Nice to see that you made so many "Chook & Sosig" games, I just have known this one so far. :D I had a blast playing it, when it occured for the Adventure Jam 2017! The characters were so lovely odd and your graphical art style reminded me somewhat of a high-resolution version of old Nickelodeon cartoons - and that's a very good thing. :D I absolutely love this aesthetics! Thank you very much for this puzzle-filled, sweet game. <3 It was a pleasure for me to write a recommendation article about it as well as uploading a gameplay video of it. :)

Best wishes,

Another awesome Chook and Sosig game! Kinda dissapointed with the lack of Chook in this one, but I was happy with more Cow. 

Im back playing your games, I cant have enough. My only request is please please make them longer, I want the full game so bad :D Missed Chook though, but still a fun little game as always  

Seriously, such a cute point and click adventure game! Here's hoping that Chook makes a more prominent appearance in the next game, she was very missed!

Loved it.  Especially how you were able to change up the duos usual game style.  Of course I miss Chook lol.  But a fantastic adventure nonetheless, great job Tooki 

I love the whole Chook and Sosig duo! Can never get enough!

Thankyou so much Raithias, so many people have been incredibly warm and supportive. Thankyou so much for taking the time to record, I love seeing everyone play. :D

I'm glad that everybody is supporting this. I hope you keep creating more great things like this!

Awesome game, as usual! It took me WAY too long to figure this out. (that's typical me, doodoo at puzzles)

Hey cheers JayskiBean! It's great fun seeing how people go about solving and thinking through solutions it really helps me figure out what to concentrate on, these videos are invaluable and really entertaining. Thankyou for taking the time to record.

No problem! Thanks for making the games!

I absolutely loved this game, and all of the Chook & Sosig games! They have such a charm to them, I love it! 

Thankyou ever so much Pecan! :D

When I noticed you had made a point and click adventure version of Chook & Sosig I was so excited to play it!  

Thankyou so so much Nada, It was a brilliant learning experience!

make a game all about Cow's adventures when chook and sosig arent home


Cows extreme poetry club adventure.

I'd love to see a big adventure of Chook and Sosig one day!


Hey! I was wondering what game engine you used to make this, thank you for your time~! :D

Hello there Katelyn! It was created in Visionaire Studio 4.


Hi! This game is a really cool game! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!


Thankyou ever so much Doxus! I had a lot of fun learning from making this one :)

Your welcome! I hope the best for your games :D


Another awesome adventure! Could use some more Chook, though. :) 

The title is a massive piece of false advertising, I think Chook stayed at home to hog the TV. 

Thankyou so very much for the wonderful video!

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---edited out large error report ---

Sorry for the trouble Don. From what I could tell, this error is the same as the one below and is a missing Windows file. 

Thanks so much for the error report. 

Hi! I tried playing the game, and I was met with an error saying I didn't have an "MSVCR110.dll" file. According to the Microsoft website, that is no longer available to download through their websites. Is this something I could get help with, or do i just need to hunt down that file?

I'm running this on Windows 10

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Hello there!  I'm so sorry you had trouble running the game.  I did a quick search and this seems like a common Windows error and annoyingly as you've pointed out the Windows download is missing. The most solid looking suggestion I found was this:

open ' Control Panel' click on 'Uninstall a program' and look for Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (X64) - 11.0.61030 or Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (X86) - 11.0.61030. Right-click this entry, and in the Modify Setup dialog, choose Repair.

I do hope that might be of some help.

Hey there!

I had the same problem, only difference - I'm using Windows 7 64bit.  So I searched for a site to download a file to help me. If anyone has the same problem here is your rescue: I'm from Germany, so I don't know if this will show up in german language, if so click on the read button which says "herunterladen" and you will be linked to the site were you can download the file you need. In my case I first downloaded the 64x Version of course, but in the end it turned out that the 86x Version solved the problem after I downloaded it, installed it and then repaired it. Hope I could help!

And to Tookipalooki: I truly love your game(s)! The artstyle is gorgeous and the humor absolutely hilarious! Hope to see more of it and I wish you all the best! Always believe in what you do, cause you have already proven that you can make awesome games! <3

it didn't work for me it still says that when I tried it.

I absolutely loved this game and I had a blast playing it :D

Thankyou Cynically!  :D

Funny and charming little point and click! Only bit of feedback I'd give is to make the text skippable only by mouse click, it'd make it so you could read the text at your own pace rather than constrained by the game. Really I'm just nitpicking though :)

Hello there MAD! Hey no problem at all, feedback is wonderful it helps me improve. Thank you ever so much for the lively video they are invaluable for letting me see how people play.

No worries, looking forward to the next one :)


I've played the game the day it was realeased an recorded it the same day and i'm kinda sorry that i haven't waited a day or two to play the fixed version, but still a good game with a great artstyle :)
Now i just need to play the previous parts 'cos i didn't realise there were more of them -_-
Good game

Hello Gabe! Thank you so very much for playing and for recording! I'm sorry you landed with the rougher cut,  it means a lot to me that you dove right in and were eager to get stuck in. 

Tooki, I can't figure out how to interact with things ;;  I click'm and nothing happens!  :( :( :(  Running Win7, if that helps?

If you click and hold with left mouse button on an object or character then a little interaction box should appear :)

Oh huh, clearly I didn't think of that!  I actually found the click controls a little hard.  Not sure why, but yeah.  (I kept trying to right-click people to interact even once you told me what I had to do orz ;;)

Anyway, I finally played it tonight!  I had some trouble with the Angry Badger, but other than that, super fun!  :D :D :D (I'm sad we don't get to interact with the lanterns, though, I spent.  Um.  A fair amount of time trying to find a way to get Sosig to climb up and poke them, that would've been a disaster and a half but yeaaah.)

this game was SO good nearly stumped me a couple of times 

I've downloaded the PC file (twice just to be sure) and extracted the files in order to play them but both times that I tried to play them it said that "There is no game or the game file is corrupted." 

Hello there! Sorry for the trouble, I've learned there might be some teething issues running on Windows 10 (I do hope I'm right in thinking that you're running in Windows 10) Please try running the game under compatibility settings for Windows 8 and please tell me if you have more luck.

Sorry for the late reply! On my previous computer I had neither Windows 8 or 10 so the compatibility of Windows may have kept me from playing. I recently got a new computer and I just now had time to see if it would work and it did! I can't wait to play it :D


So glad to see a new Chook and Sosig game!

Thank-you so much! :)

All the narrative text flies by so fast you can't even read it. Unplayable.

Hey! Cheers for the feedback, I went ahead & adjusted the dialog times.

I downloaded the Windows version and... could the dialog times be lengthened a bit more? 

Oh gosh Cryptic thank-you so much, I just spotted the opening dialog was still on the old rate, I'll have the update up shortly

There we go, I think I've caught it all now. Give me a yell if you still have difficulty, thank-you both so much for your help. :)

Played the latest version, all worked well and... a new Goblin rose! :)


Ahh this was lovely! thank-you so much, It also helped me spot some more areas I could do with adding  more time to let them speak. I'll get that fine tuned.

You shall make a fine goblin!