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OMG!!! I only have one more game to go before I have officially play all Chook and Sosig games. I love the art style and the continuing saga.

Very fun!

I tried playing it but it said SDL not found quitting app please help

had fun, love the fact that you added cow. and the extras menu is adorible. 

I love your game so much and I can't wait until the next game comes out!

Also made a 2 in 1 video:

I want a full length Chook & Sosig game so badly now!  =(   If you ever decide on making one,  I'll be like TAKE MY MONEY NOW!  Anyway good games, really want more, keep doing what doing, that's all! 

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Short and sweet! I LOVE the Chook and Sosig series! I’d love you forever if you made a full sized game with a mix of the point and click and the visual novel formats with these awesome characters!

I really like the new thing of being able to walk the characters around! I think a lot was improved in this one, but I was really disappointed in the ending. Kinda felt like it just ended for the sake of being ended. Anyway, still enjoyed it, can't wait for the next adventure! 

So excited for this cute addition to the Chook and Sosig story! It's also very cool to see you branching into different types of game mechanics, I eagerly await the next installment! 


wow didnt expect another game for a while pleasant  surprise 

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A pleasant surprise for me too, to get  a lovely video to watch! Thankyou Finvan!


Hello! I adored your game, it was beautiful looking and had a neat story as well as that charming brand of humor! Always look forward to the next one. Till then I made a let's play of your game here~

Hey Miss Blue! :D Lovely lovely video as always!

 I can't express how useful and helpful they are to watch different people play, thank-you so very much for taking the time to make videos. It's always wonderful to see your reaction!

Aww you're more than welcome! I'm really glad you liked it. I'll always be there to play a new chook and sosig game! :D


Got real excited when I saw you posted another Chook & Sosig game!

Nice one Nada! Thankyou ever so much for making a video It's  wonderful to see how everyone plays and explores :D

Also super enjoyable to watch!


Always love to see Chook & Sosig on an adventure, no matter how simple it may be, it's always packed with a charm that warms my heart.  Great job Tooki! 

Ahhh Thankyou ever so much Pseudo Grimm! wonderful video as always!

 I love seeing people being return visitors it makes me so very happy.


I think someone has been tricked by a Nigerian prince. C&S are cute as always. Cow too of course. :)


Awesome video <3 Thank-you ever so much Cryptic!  :D

Happy you like it. Can we haz moar Chook & Sosig? ;) 





Can't wait to try this out later. Gotta finish my work.

YESSSSSS it's OUT!!! :D :D :D


Okay that was super fun yessss :D

Yay thankyou Nooty! :)